Looking for a new platform

So, I’ve been using Inky/Ink to create two simple interactive fiction stories. I’ve run into a problem; I can’t format in Inky/Ink and when I add HTML code to italicize my next, it can throw off the story format. Like, I’m trying to add an HTML code for a heart; it really throws off my paragraphs. After this, I’ve decided it’s time to part ways with Inky/Ink. This platform is perfect for me; it saddens me a bit.
What I’m looking for is exploring/experimenting IF for storytelling, not really creating games. I have a project in mind that involves a multiverse and an open-world aspect (I’m thinking whether Twine or Inform would best), but at the moment, that’s not top of my priority list. Basically, the stories give the reader lots of paths in the story. I want to add some code to spice up the story paths, so it’s not as straightforward.
At the moment, I’m looking into Texture, Adrift, and TextAdventures (Quest), and ChoiceScript.
However, I’m still new to the IF world, and I don’t really know what I’m doing. I read an article on IF, and jumped right into it. Anymore insight can help me.

I don’t know what you mean to exclude when you write “not games.”

I think it might help to write out a non interactive sample transcript of what your ideal reader’s experience would be like. For example, if you want a parser thing, write out a sample of what the player would type, and how you’d like the game(?) to respond. If you want a choice-based experience, write out a sample play through, including the menus that the player would see, but don’t write out the entire branching story; just show what happens in one path through the game.

If you find Ink otherwise suitable, it might be better to ask how to fix the HTML issue instead. Ink has quite a thin presentation layer so it’s probably not directly related to Ink, and if you use the same HTML in other systems it’s likely that you’ll face the same problem.

Huh. You should be able to put emojis and basic HTML into your Ink with Inky. Can you share your code somewhere? Message me privately if you like.

The web export template that Inky uses is deliberately very minimal. So you might also be able to put the problematic code into the template and just use it from your story. Or get someone to help you do that. If you’re generally happy with Ink, I’d be very surprised if your formatting issues can’t be solved.


Just letting people know my intentions. However, I should’ve phrased it better. I don’t have any plans on adding Unity or anything like that.

Why didn’t I think of this?