Looking for a long-term game

Hello, looking for a lovely time-waster I mean a long-term, ongoing browser game that I can solo. Not really a fan of PvP and faction wars etc., where all you do is fight other players.

I was playing Torn and enjoyed it mostly, but it really encourages you to join a faction and participate in a weekly war with other factions, which is what I don’t want to end up doing.

No particular setting in mind either except maybe making progress towards something/leveling up and getting better at… whatever I need to get better at.

Does anyone know how I can filter or find some games like that?



Maybe Fallen London ?


Ryan Veeder’s Authentic Fly Fishing may be up your alley. I have not spent a great deal of time with it, but my understanding is that it’s meant to be dipped in and out of over days or weeks and reward long-term engagement. (Whereas most interactive fiction is self-contained with a definite end, even when it is quite long…)


Seconding Fallen London. Nothing else in the IF Space comes close to that in terms of scope and being on-going. (There are some huge IF games, to be sure, but they’re not on-going.)


itch.io has a lot of IF WiP that are massive, especially made with Twine, but updates are not always consistent, and nothing will compare in size to Fallen London for sure.


Okay, I’m less aware of that space! (Come to think of it, I know of a few on-going pornographic IF games, like Flexible Survival. But that’s also not a scene I’m really following.)

Okay, I’ll check those out, thanks for the suggestions

I remember enjoying a game called Space Trader on the PalmPilot. (A relic that existed before smart phones.) I just had a monochrome screen, but it played quite well. When you say “ongoing”, I think exploring a huge universe and growing stronger to be able to explore farther and uncover more secrets.


You might find some interesting results from searching for space trading games.

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