Looking for a game. Can you guys help me?

It’s funny – after searching for this game on Baf’s, the IFDB, SPAG, and every other IF resource imaginable, I’m beginning to think I might have dreamed the whole damn thing up. In case I didn’t, do anyone of you know a game which opens similarly to Baluthar (in a hut of some kind) and features a lamb that follows you around and a cave that is actually the mouth of some enormous monster, which you must pass through to finish the rest of the game? Does this ring any bells or did I make it all up?

You want the TADS game Chancellor. Great choice it is, too. You’ll be sure to have fun.

OK, here’s something that’s been bothering me and this seems like not a bad thread for it.

You know this year’s IFcomp game, Pen and Paint? I found the basic environment of that game (a studio containing a magical painting, as an anchor for a supernatural narrative involving your wife) reminded me very much of another game I have at least tried (probably not completed) that begins with those same elements, but I cannot remember what that game was. I just know I have seen that scenario before, that ‘you start off thinking about your wife in your house which happens to contain a magically transformative/teleportive painting’ scenario (I think the painting was full of leaves in the older game - or at least the leaf was a big motif). And it wasn’t that long ago, either. Probably just last year or something. I just have a very poor memory for games which for whatever reason (maybe I got distracted, etc.) I only played briefly.

So, I have been waiting to read someone say on here, ‘Pen and Paint is somewhat derivative of X’ but it hasn’t happened that I have noticed.

What is X?


Paul, would you perhaps be thinking of Blue Lacuna?


The Primrose Path is the other big painting-teleport game that comes to mind.

I don’t recall the name ‘Primrose Path’. Seeing people talk about it on here I got the feeling that I had tried Blue Lacuna before, so that’s probably it, but I guess I must have abandoned it rather quickly. It’s one of the first things on my list to try again though, so I’ll know if that’s it pretty soon…


Thanks! Yes, that’s it. I guess it wasn’t showing up on IFDB because the category was Surreal/Fantasy, so a search for either genre alone wouldn’t work.