Looking for a few beta testers for The Magpie Takes the Train

I’m working on my game for IFComp 2020, and it’s at the stage where it needs some initial testers (the alpha was originally tested).

It’s a short, one-room game set on a train with a hint system, and it’s the fulfillment of the prize selected by J.J. Guest in 2018 for me to make a small game in the world of their entry (in this case, Alias the Magpie). I’ll probably be asking for several different ‘waves’ of testers over the months, but right now I’m looking for bug testers and overall impressions, since there’s still time to change things.

Thanks, and I’d be happy to test your games in return!

(Edit: I’ve had two volunteers, so I’m good for now!)


As the competition gets closer, I’d love to get a few new fresh eyes on the game. It’s had 6 testers already, but I think there’s still room for improvement, and everybody has a different play style. I’d be happy to trade testing.

Edit: I had several responses. Anyone else is welcome, but the urgent need is over. Thanks so much!