Looking for a coder

Apparently, my posts here are ‘not in good faith’, so I’m deleting this one.

Many of the systems have online compilers now. If you’re considering Inform 7 then try playfic.com/

Good idea, but most online systems have ToS that I can’t agree to for one reason or another, which is half of why I was looking for a way that’s independent of online platforms. The other half is that I want to make the game available on all platforms, and online platforms aren’t accessible to mobile users browsing with Opera Mini. Anyway, someone’s answered my request, so I consider it closed until further notice.

yeah but even if someone else agrees to the ToS and then does it for you, your game is still made within the limits of that ToS. You are still restricted to it.

I didn’t get the impression that they were asking for that. Rather, they seem to be looking for someone to do stuff on their own computer… with locally installed software… i.e. not online. :smiley:

Nail on the head, jxself. Thanks. I’m a guy, BTW.

Since the person who initially responded to my request hasn’t been in touch for a month (with opening negotiations not even begun), I am resuming my search. TADS 2 or 3 preferred, will accept Inform 6 or 7 except Glulx. I want the game to be playable on all platforms.

Um, not to be like that, but I sent a declaration of willingness, and got no response, so I decided to assist ata instead.

Eleas, I definitely replied to your PM, and then heard nothing back. The reason I put it the way I did was because I don’t know what happened, and I wasn’t going to assume malice on your part.

Ah. In that case, I’m truly sorry for not sending a second message. It didn’t occur to me to check back with you. Will you still be able to go forward with your project?