Looking for a better phrasing of "rooms"

I’m making a game with a kind of magical door that can be picked up and carried around via the doorknob.

So I’ve given each doorknob the property of “A doorknob usually has a room.” The rooms are defined by “the room of the [doorknob defined] is…” and I’ve gotten all that to work, but when I went to define an unlinked room it would not understand that “Ancient Hall is a room” but gave me the error that it understood them as two separate objects.

I was able to work around this by defining two rooms at once: “Ancient Hall is west of the Study” and the game works fine, but is there a way I can assign a room to this kind of item without somehow wrecking this definition?


I think you just need to name the property.

A magic doorknob is a kind of thing.
A magic doorknob has a room called the destination.
The Ancient Hall is a room.
The blue doorknob is a magic doorknob.
The destination of the blue doorknob is the Ancient Hall.


I’ve seen this kind of request before, and often a good response is: try the extension Easy Doors by Hanon Ondricek. It’s in the public library, and elsewhere.



Thank you for your help you guys, I’ll try the solution, and check out the extension.

I always forget to name my properties, and this solved my problem cleanly and beautifully.

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