Looking for a beta tester (Adrift game)

I’m looking for someone who’ll give me a hand testing “Son of Camelot”
This will be the fifth and final beta before release so (hopefully) the bugs will be very minor.
The game is written using Adrift V.5.
If interested feel free to PM me, or reply here.

“After your father has passed away, you find an old parchment stating that for his services to King Arthur and the court of Camelot, your father and all his descendants was awarded the honourable title “Son of Camelot”
Puzzled, and not quite believing it to be real, you have the parchment checked and find out that it actually dates back to the 6th century.
You decide to go to England and visit what is believed to be the ruins of the once so legendary Camelot and soon you find that there’s more to being the “Son of Camelot” than just the title.”

Just letting you know that I’ve received an offer to test my game…