Looking after being "moved"

Is there a way to make this stop? I tried turning on rules and actions to see what was going on, but since this is happening “when play begins”, they are apparently reset after “restart”.

As a very basic example:

"Looking Twice" by I4L

When play begins:
	Move the player to the Front Yard.
There is a room called the Shop. "You're standing in the shop."

There is a room called Front Yard. "You're standing in the front yard."

Results in:

Front Yard
You're standing in the front yard.

Looking Twice
An Interactive Fiction by I4L
Release 1 / Serial number 111127 / Inform 7 build 6G60 (I6/v6.32 lib 6/12N) SD

Front Yard
You're standing in the front yard.

So even though the first (starting room) isn’t the front yard, it still displays that twice. I’ve tried a couple combinations of “Stop the action” and “Instead of looking”, but haven’t hit upon anything that works.


[Edit: Changing to “Instead of looking for the first time” seems to have fixed it…?]

If you don’t want the first description to show up, you can say “move the player to the Front Yard, without printing a room description.” See section 8.9 of Writing with Inform.

Thanks, sir. One of these days I’ll actually… you know… sit down and read the manual.

No problem – I may be the only person who actually started learning I7 by reading the manual, and I still forget a lot of it. It’s a tough read unless you’re willing to consume it a bit at a time as a procrastination device, before starting to do anything with it.

You’re right. The manual is not written as a manual. It’s written like a novel.