Look in not the same as examine?

These are the lines that are messing me up:

A thing is usually undescribed.

Instead of examining an open container(called holder):
say “Inside [the holder] you see [the list of things in the holder].”.

I wanted to make it so that it didn’t show all of the stuff in the room in the description so I did the undescribed thing. Then I wanted it to show stuff when you examined an open container, so I put in the second part from above.

BUT, you can “examine” and it works fine, you can “look at” and it works fine, but if you “look in” you get the container is empty. Why?

Looking inside a container is implemented as the searching action. From the Index entry:

A better way to handle what you’re trying to do might be to redirect examining to the searching action, e.g.

Instead of examining an open container (called the holder):
try searching the holder instead.


Right idea, but backwards. The examining works. The searching is where it reads everything as empty because everything is undescribed. It fixed my issue. Thank you.