"Look in" as examining

I am having trouble getting the proper response from my code.

This is the result I get:

look in mirror
You find nothing of interest.

Where have I gone wrong?

“Look in” is already defined as the action of “searching”.

You can use the debug command ACTIONS to find out what action is being triggered.

There is a room. The mirror is a thing. It is here.

You can see a mirror here.

look in mirror
You find nothing of interest.

Actions listing on.

look in mirror
[searching the mirror]
You find nothing of interest.
[searching the mirror - failed the can’t search unless container or supporter rule]


So you should use searching in the instead rule:

Instead of searching the mirror: say "You look at yourself in the mirror and your nipples grow hard. You are HOT, girl!"

My problem with the above solution is that it is not natural for the player to give the command “search mirror” (or “examine mirror”) when what the player wants to do is see her image reflected in the mirror. She would naturally command “look into mirror.”
Is there a solution here?

HZ’s solution accomplishes that. (The “Instead of searching the mirror” rule.)

And so it does! Thanks, all!