London meetup June 23

Our next London-area IF Meetup will be 7PM on June 23 at the Failbetter headquarters. There will be snacks; people will pitch topics they’d like to discuss in small groups, and we’ll split up to talk about them. (We find by experience that we have too large a group to do one single conversation at a time.) After a couple of hours, we all head over to the pub and people follow up more informally until they decide to start drifting home.

We usually have 25-30 people at these, so they’re reasonably lively, and we get a wide range of interests and experience. Parser- and choice-based IF, other types of IF apps, and game writing in general are all welcome things to talk about; so are educational applications.

Details and RSVP are here: … 222932343/ . If you’re planning to come, please do RSVP, since we are supposed to give a list of people attending to the building reception.

Also! I’ve started making up flyers with information about upcoming comps, events, etc., to have available at this group. I’ll keep an eye open for content in the usual way, but if you have something you want to make sure that I mention to the meeting, let me know.