London IF Meetup April 25 - Spring Thing games starting with The Weight of a Soul

We’ll be meeting April 25 starting at 11 AM UK time – a little earlier than usual for us, but it allows us to accommodate Chin Kee Yong, joining us from Singapore as we play the opening to The Weight of a Soul. We’ll then move on to a few of the other Spring Thing games.

As usual for us during the pandemic, this is a Zoom meeting, and folks are welcome from anywhere in the world.

To RSVP and get a link, see Play Spring Thing Games – featuring The Weight of a Soul | Meetup


The London IF Meetup is doing an online session the afternoon of May 23 that is an open problems session – bring in a narrative design or game writing issue you’re wrestling with, and we’ll brainstorm solutions with you.

There’s a sign-up sheet for slots to present a problem, so if you’re interested in that side of things, please do make sure to put your name down – but if you just want to come see what others are running into, you’re welcome in that role as well.

Get Feedback on Your Open Design Problems (Workshop) | Meetup has all the details

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