Logistics Of Managing Beta Testing? This Is My First Time

So I’ve just sent out v0.01 alpha of my game, intended for this year’s IF Comp.
This is the first time I’ve done this. And by “this” I mean beta testing a game.
Any tips on the logistics of beta testing? Managing the testers and their feedback. Organizing it all.
I was thinking maybe make a database or spreadsheet to store it all in.
Thanks. :smiley:

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As one of the testers, I’ll say good start. Here is what I typically do when working with my beta-testers.

  • Go through the transcripts that are sent and pull out the comments that are made. Storing those in whatever fashion are easiest for you. Since I keep all my projects in GitHub, I usually use their Issues feature to do this.
  • Secondly, I will go back through the transcripts and look for areas where the player looks like they were having difficulty. Perhaps a lot of parser errors or where they may be struggling to find the proper verb or even what to do next. They may not comment on these areas, but they are opportunities to improve the game-play.
  • Once I’ve gone through all and have the list organized somewhat. I will prioritize items and look for common areas that I can easily resolve.

Hope that helps


One thing I’ve found helpful is to get big-picture game-changing feedback first, before worrying about the details, because if you make major changes based on the big-picture feedback, some of those details will change.