Locus Jam ~ REVIVED

putting my Neo-Interactives hat on

HI! WE ARE BACK AGAIN WITH A JAM! And it’s a short one again.

You know the drill…

Happy places or spots of nightmares… Bring that locus to life!

The Locus Jam is an interactive fiction mini-jam all about places, spaces, and rooms. Come create an IF piece set in one specific place!

This jam is a commemoration of Porpentine’s Locus Jam.

Constraints and Rules:

  • The Setting of the game must be confined to a single building/location.
    • The smaller the location, the better!
    • [OPTIONAL] The story of the game only happens inside ONE room.
    • [OPTIONAL - PARSER] The entry only includes ONE room/location (code).
  • The Jam is open to any program/medium, as long as the piece can be considered Interactive Fiction (i.e. the game is interactive, and its focus is on the text).
  • The Jam is open to any language.
  • You can submit up to 3 entries!
  • You should aim for a 15-30min maximum gameplay.
  • Entries can have NSFW content, as long as it is indicated in your submission.
  • You must credit any asset used in your entry, or it will be removed (ex: code, images, sound, etc…)
  • Entries using AI or LLM will be removed.
  • Spam or hateful content will be removed.
  • During the duration of the jam and the two weeks following the deadline, the submissions should be free to play.

Come have some fun with us again :slight_smile:
We’ll be chit-chatting on Discord



Prolly I give an external contribuition here… but now have other priorities.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


It looks like the link to the itch page for the current jam got missed?



This is why I shouldn’t be in charge of posting announcements


Ohhh… I think I have an idea in the vault for this…


The classic one-room parser game is Out of the Study written in Alan by Anssi Räisänen. When you’ve finished playing it, see David Welbourn’s interesting What if every item in the room were visible?


I think Aisle can be considered a one-room too?
Also 5-second sim from the Single Choice Jam last year. :stuck_out_tongue:


Aisle is a one-room, one-move thing.

Last year’s IF Comp had one: JJ Guest’s To Sea in a Sieve. Still waiting for To the Moon in a Minibus- what things are going to be thrown out?

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I’m holding out for To SPACE with a SPOON, in the universe of the 1980s UK TV programme Button Moon.
(or possibly To SPACE on a SPATULA)

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Matthew, 6:13… :smiley: and the evil to be delivered is X ALL, begotting the Mother Wall of text !

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


A few more favs (all parser):


Oh this is a fun one! I might move up one of my back-burner ideas on the priority list…


Aaaand the Locus Jam is now over!

We got fifteen really cool games about space, room, places and such!
Come check them out!

(Their respective IFDB pages will be up soon)