Locked Door saga by Cody Gaisser

I have started this thread becouse I really like this original idea of developing a game by fascicules. A game overrides and improves the last one.

Locked Door I: Can you unlock the door?!

As Mathbrush said in his reciew at IFDB:

"This game is essentially one of the coding examples from the Inform manual. It consists of two rooms, one with a locked door and a key. There are no real surprises; decompiling shows no hidden content.

The game is polished, but is not descriptive, has little interactivity, low emotional impact, and I wouldn’t really play again. According to my rating system, it’s 1 star."

Additionally I have to say that there is no command to go through that door, there aren’t also any cardinal directions available.
Try to create a bit more inmersive games although these will be short one.

Locked Door II: Fair Trade Can you unlock the door… AGAIN?!

This game seems to be part of a growing up series where every new episode impulses the development of the story a bit forward. I like this approach to the game idevelopment,
This episode adds an NPC. The iteraction is simple but the conversation lets talking through “ask for” and “ask about”, wich is not the standart way. The total lenght and difficulty is low.

Locked Door III: Crate Spectations Can you… OPEN THE CRATE?!

Well, this is a good way of spending my time. I am expectate about how the game will go on growing.
At this moment it is a 3 minutes game. Let’s see what comes next.
We have now five locations, 2 locked keys and the crate.

To be continued…

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As noted elsewhere, I think that the sources ought to be collated, well-commented and released, because I think this series can became I7’s Scavenger hunt tutorial.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Locked Door IV: Safety In Numbers

A new episode from this saga.
Now we have some new puzzles, continuing with our adventure.
I see there is no argument given. I don’t know if I am a spy, a goblin or Lucky Skywalker and only know that I have to improve myself episode by episode as in “Groundhog day”.
Well, in this fourth episode I have to try opening a safety and deal with lack of sinonimous of the deaf parser.
So if you have some problems, you can consult the corresponding thread here.

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Locked door V: Switched On

The fift episode is here.
After my problems with eposode 4th this one has been easier.
The game grews up in complexity, mapping, puzles and another floor. I am getting more and more intrigated about this game.
It has expanded beyond 10 minutes of gameplay.

As Fabularium seems to work fine I have added a trancript for curiosity purposes only.

Transcript.txt (15.2 KB)

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Thanks for posting a transcript. This could come in handy for improving the game!