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I’m trying to make a game where there are multiple cities, and also buildings in the cities. Like a store in city1 and a store in city2. I also don’t want to use “inside” I want the UI to be like this.

Inside City1 is a store and a pub. To the west of City1 is City2

enter store
store code
City2 code



Why join the cities? I would think cities would be far enough apart where they wouldn’t be like rooms. Create each city as a standalone region and with a road that has sign “Go this way to city 2”. Going that way would open you in a new area called city 2 with its own separate rooms.

Think of it like a map. Two cities completely separate (you can’t be in both at the same time) with each having its own rooms (locations) within it.


(matt w) #3

If it’s very important to have the buildings in the cities be entered with “enter pub,” you could make them enterable containers. Though there’d be some potential issues with making sure that the player couldn’t see more than you want them to see from inside a building.

As seeker suggests, the usual way to implement something like this would be to have a sort of “town square” room for each city, with the buildings in different directions from the town square–and if there are enough buildings, you’d put in a few different connected outdoor rooms.


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I know I’m plugging my own work, but I made the Easy Doors extension for this kind of thing - one-way portals to other locations that can behave like doors but don’t need to. The portals can represent things a player might enter based on how you describe them. That way you can make enterable things which lead to other rooms on the map instead of dealing with nesting containment of enterable containers.

EDIT: Just realized this is an out-of-date version, but the current one should be in the Public Library and obtainable in the Inform IDE.

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And I thank you! It is one of the mandatory includes in all of my projects. I don’t use it for every door, but it is always needed for special situations.

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Oddly enough, I was looking at the Easy Doors extension yesterday and thinking, “that looks useful, I wonder what it could be used for”. It sounds a lot like the Scott Adams way of doing things, such as in Ghost Town where from one location you could “GO SALOON” or “GO JAIL” (although those locations mapped to north and south when returning to the first location, but it could just as easily have been “out”, leaving north and south free.)

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(matt w) #7

Another use for Easy Doors is it lets you put doors in containers. The reason that I have two rooms in Cragne Manor is that it was impossible to make the porch an enterable container with the front door inside it (and it would’ve really messed things up to include Easy Doors at the point where I realized I wanted to do that).

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(Ruber Eaglenest) #8

You can have scenery buildings and capture the order “enter building/enter shop” and move the player by hand to the proper location.

You can have the enterable buildings in different locations and just put the in the INSIDE direction.

Also you can put several buildings in the proper cardinal directions, and use doors for them so the verb GO IN is avaiblable.

Good luck!

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(Hanon Ondricek) #9

That’s basically what my extension does.



I would second the suggestion of just using regions.