Location images bug

I’ve got an unrecognized phrase bug with this line from Location Images by Emily Short in Inform 7 version 6L38. Can anyone help? I’ve already got graphical window and entry points installed.

	change currently shown picture to the room illustration of the location;

The “change” syntax, except for one exception relating to map directions (see §8.5), is deprecated. The current syntax is:

now the currently shown picture is the room illustration of the location;

I think that your version of Location Images is outdated. Here’s the full text, minus the documentation, of the version that’s available via the public library:

Location Images (for Glulx only) by Emily Short begins here.

"Allows the author to set per-room images and show these as the player moves from room to room. Requires Simple Graphical Window by Emily Short."

Include Simple Graphical Window by Emily Short.

A room has a figure-name called room-illustration. 
The image-setting rule is listed in the carry out looking rules. 

This is the image-setting rule:
	now currently shown picture is the room-illustration of the location;
	follow the current graphics drawing rule.

Location Images ends here.

According to the documentation, it looks like you need “room-illustration” rather than “room illustration.” Try adding a hyphen.

Thanks a lot, but I’m now getting a file error on compile. It doesn’t seem to be able to access my test image no matter what I do. I’m putting it in a folder called ‘Figures’ in the Release folder.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

I haven’t worked with images so I won’t be able to help you, but what might be helpful for other people is saying exactly which error you’re getting on compile–copy the text from the “Results” pane.

I think you want it to be .materials/Figures, not .materials/Release/Figures, also.

Did you define the images in the source text? See 23:5-6

Figure of Woodlands is the file “Woodlands.png”.
Figure 2 is the file “Red Admiral Butterfly.png”.

(it will look in the figure folder below the Materials folder)

Then you

display the Figure of Woodlands;

where you need to. That’s how you do it manually. I don’t know if the extension removes the need for this or not.