Location error Message Headach

The actual line of code.

Holding Cell is a room. The description is "testing"

This is Inform being computerishly stupid. You see, instead of reading it as “There is a room called Holding Cell”, Inform is reading it as “A room is holding something called Cell.” Which Inform thinks is nonsense, presumably because only people are allowed to “hold” things.

You can simply change it to:

There is a room called Holding Cell.

Are you using the latest version of I7 (5z71)? While Emerald’s solution does work, this exact situation was dealt with in the latest version. From the release notes:

When I try to compile the code example you give (even without the missing period), it works fine. If you have additional code and the line “Holding Cell is a room.” doesn’t compile correctly under 5z71, there might be something else wrong. You might want to post the complete code here or report this as a bug.

Think I’m running an old version then (which is wierd since i downloaded it a couple weeks ago).

Anyway I just sidestepped the problem by renaming it something else, as to the missing period, it didn’t give any problems in the other rooms (removing that one line caused the proble mto go away, also put temp descriptions in each room till I get things fleshed out).