locating source text for other games

is there a place to look at the source text for others’ games? I’m trying to find a way to write my game so the player can type “hint” and will be given a clue based on the current situation, similar to Violet or the way the “remember” command works in Bronze.


Bronze (and others) game & source files are available from the I7 site here
There may be others in the archive but that might take a bit more searching.
Also if you know of a game that has the features you are after, then have a look in the IFDB to see if the source is also available.

The I7 source available tag will bring up a lot of games: ifdb.tads.org/search?searchfor=t … +available

But for just making commands contextual it’s very easy, just use a “when the location is X” phrase in the rule preamble. See sections 7.12, 9.5 and 19.7 in the manual.

Bronze and the other Inform 7 example games where made a few years ago. There is an online project to provide up to date versions of the examples which are compatible with the current Inform 7, 6M62.


In addition to other replies, check out: github.com/sussman/rovers-day-out

I must be using these links wrong. I was able to find Bronze, and several other source texts I wasn’t previously looking for, but I can’t find Violet… or Lost Pig, for that matter, as I wanted to see how the Admiral Jota wrote the text for singing and making a different line show up for the song with each turn.

Most games aren’t open source (or even source visible).

In any case, Lost Pig was written in Inform 6.

aw lame. well i guess i’ll have to write a new post then. i was hoping to be brave enough to try and figure some stuff out on my own by looking at others’ texts. :confused:

This should give you the hinting about action.

[code]Hinting about is an action applying to one thing and abbreviable.
The specification of the hinting about action is “Hinting about provides hint about a given thing, or the player’s location if no thing is specified.”

Understand “hint” as hinting about.
Understand “hint [something]” as hinting about.

Rule for supplying a missing noun while an actor hinting about (this is the location hint rule):
Now the noun is the touchability ceiling of the player.

Report an actor hinting about something (this is the default hint rule):
Say “There’s nothing to be gained from that.”[/code]
I don’t have access to a compiler right now, but it’s based on the listening to action from the standard rules so it should work. Invoke it by “After hinting about thing/room”.

Local hinting can be as easy as:

[code]Hinting is an action out of world applying to nothing. Understand “hint” and “help” as hinting.

A room has a text called localhint. The localhint of a room is usually “There are no hints available in this location.”

Report hinting:
say “[localhint of the location]”.

Suspicious Room is a room. The localhint of Suspicious Room is “This room is very suspicious…”

Check hinting:
if the player does not carry the hint book:
say “You’ll need to buy the strategy guide for $29.99 from the in-game vendor first!” instead.

Infernal Clockwork Room is a Room. The local hint is "Perhaps you should check out that diabolical machine.

a diabolical machine is a device in Infernal Clockwork Room.

Check hinting when the location is Infernal Clockwork Room:
if Diabolical Machine is switched on:
say “Machine’s on. Now you’ve done it.” instead.