"local" object definitions not working in huge tads3 game

I think I may have a memory leak because List functions and “local” variables in objects are not working anymore. As a workaround I’ve been setting object variables in the object itself as temporary pointers, setting them in the object’s function and clearing them afterwards.

For example:

myObject: Thing
location = startRoom
some function(){
  local myList = new List();
  foreach(local objy in gPlayerChar.contents){
      myList += objy; // in debug it's saying objy AND myList are not valid (????!!!)
     // or:  myList.append(objy);// either does NOT work
 }// end foreach..
 local someInt = 4;
 "<<someInt>>";// in debug it's saying someInt is not valid (???!!!)
 self.tempVariable++;// this, however, works
 "<br><<tempVariable>>";// this is working though
}// end function...

tempVariable = 3

;// end myObject

Don’t know why this stopped working for me but it has. My game’s got hundreds and hundreds of rooms and custom object classes. Maybe there’s just not enough memory left for Tads to use local objects anymore.