Live on kickstarter

Hi guys
Hope it is ok to post here in the announcements section. I’ll take it off if it is against the rules.

The Intudia team is finally on Kickstarter. The campaign runs from the 15th of November to the 15th of December. Feel free to check out the campaign at … escription

The campaign will help us create more content, software development, make audio versions and more!

You are certainly welcome to post announcements like this in the forum so long as they are somehow related to IF in some way, which your Kickstarter is, or even slightly off-topic so long as they concern someone in the IF community.

The only thing we really frown upon is “drive-by” announcements as someone’s first post when it’s clear they’re just spamming a link or the announcement links to something completely unrelated to IF.

thank you for your answer!