Live chat location for interactive fiction talk?

It was this or lock the thread, I figure…

Is there? Might anyone know where?

I’m pretty sure there’s not one on Esper - I only choose that network because it’s my old stomping grounds, if you will.

Yup, take a look at this thread. I remember being at least once there. Don’t know if it’s still active.

Wow, it’s been three years already? Where did time go?

After member request and moderator review, we’ve removed some posts from this thread because they violated the Code of Conduct or referenced posts that did.

A fair and understandable decision.

I still haven’t set up an IRC channel. I’ll keep you all posted if/when I do.

A regrettable and disappointing decision.

Well, I’m not staying in a forum that rewrites history like that. I can’t condone it. Also, a blog post says I’m the cause of people not being comfortable posting here.

It strikes me I have better things to do with my time, and God forbid I make this place unsavory. Lurking mode: activated. Feel better already.

Posts get removed on all moderated forums. It is an agreed upon form of censorship that goes with participation but it is not rewriting history, mods aren’t editing posts to make it appear that the discussion was elsewise.

No one should feel forced to use a forum if they would rather be doing other things, but a blog post from someone who doesn’t represent the mods or owner of the forum is just that. I suspect if it were posted here it would be removed as well.

If you are concerned you are making people uncomfortable, surely that is better addressed by means other than silence? If you are able to post in the forum it generally the means the moderators and the owner/s of the forum have yet to deem your presence as unwelcome.

A random observation: Peter, taking a quick scan through your 1640 posts here, I think you’re a very encouraging person. You have said things like:

“What an excellent idea!”
“That’s good to know. Thanks for bringing it up.”
“Anyway! Best of luck!”
“Where’s the +1 buttons on this thing?”
“Looking forward to playing it!”
“Excellent! Thanks a lot to you all”
“What a useful tool! Makes me wish it was posted everywhere”

So, thanks for that – it makes for a great atmosphere in the forum. I hope you can feel free to keep participating.

This thread keeps going off topic and moving into CoC-problematic territory despite repeated moderator requests. It has now been closed. Please feel free open a new conversation elsewhere about the original topic. Thanks!