Little Match Girl Lore Questions

I was very gratified to see @mathbrush’s review of The Little Match Girl 3: The Escalus Manifold, but it sounds like there might be some small confusion over certain elements of the plot. It would amuse me greatly to answer any questions anybody has about the events of this game or about the Little Match Girl universe in general. Unless the answer to the question is a spoiler about a future game!


I do have a meta question: where are the best places to obtain lore in the game?

I think I really missed out twice, because I didn’t notice the mirror until after I defeated the snow queen, and I didn’t talk to the snow queen before the fight. Are those two areas lore-ful? Are there any other good lore sources?


A very good and canny question!

PLACE NUMBER ONE: The most important location for lore is the Mirror of Reason, as you expected. Its description expands with each party member recruited, so it might not be very informative if you rush over there alone.

PLACE NUMBER TWO: There’s a huge lore dump in the cave of the Moon-Beast on Deimos, if you manage to defeat it.

ALSO: Talking to the Snow Queen doesn’t get you much lore, but it’s a good character moment in my opinion.

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