Lit doors not providing light on startup?

While playing around on the “Lab Session 1” thread, I noticed what looks like a bug regarding lit doors. Try the following scenario:

"Glowing Door"

Room 1 is a dark room.

A pebble is in Room 1.

A lit door called a glowing door is east of Room 1.

Room 2 is a dark room. It is east of the glowing door. 

Test me with "take pebble / z / take pebble".

The test me transcript looks like:

It is pitch dark, and you can't see a thing.

>test me

>[1] take pebble
You can't see any such thing.

>[2] z
Time passes.

Room 1
You can see a glowing door (providing light) and a pebble here.

>[3] take pebble

It looks like lit doors are not counted as contributing to light status when the story starts up?

It’ll work if you add:

This is the initial reckon darkness rule: surreptitiously reckon darkness;
The initial reckon darkness rule is listed before the initial room description rule in the startup rules.

I recently found this issue and submitted PR #145 for this, so it’ll work in the next version.


Wow! You’re getting good at time travel!

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Note the same is true of lit backdrops:

Lab is a room. It is dark.

The backlight is a backdrop. It is lit. It is everywhere.

It’s true of lit things in general; I found the issue with a lit instance of kind thing.

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