Listing only nondescript items that have been dropped.

So as the title says, my goal is to not print any nondescript items in a room, unless the player has dropped that item into the room.

Although I have thought about just leaving all nondescript items off all together but that seems pretty harsh, so my current way of handling nondescript items of just having:

Rule for listing nondescript items: stop.

Doesnt really work unfortunately.

Try this:

For printing a locale paragraph about an unmentioned handled thing:
	say "You have dropped [the list of handled things in the location] here."

But if you don’t mention nondescript things, how will the player find out they are there?

You could also do something like this:

Rule for writing a paragraph about the not handled statue:
	now the statue is mentioned.

This marks the statue as “mentioned” (so it won’t be included in the default room output) as long as it is “not handled” (never been picked up by the player).

As jrb notes, you’ll usually want to mention the object somehow. You might combine the above rule with this sort of room description:

The Kitchen is a room. "You're in a smoky kitchen. Arcane food preparation implements are strewn across the counters[if the statue is not handled], along with a small statue of Hestia[end if]."

Hmm okay thats a good method.

Yes my current method writes a room description that describes what is in the room, but I dont want to have to add custom things for every random item a player could drop, thats just unnecessary

If I’m not misunderstanding you, you could handle this by “mentioning” nondescript items in the room description. For example, this: [code]The Kitchen is a room.

A pot is in the Kitchen. A fork is in the Kitchen.

The description of the Kitchen is “You’re in a smoky kitchen. On the stove is a [pot] filled with burnt soup.”

The player carries a recipe.[/code]
outputs this: