Listing on IFDB - Link to IFArchive files

I recently listed my recent game on IFDB. The game and source files are are published in the IFArchive. I was unable to link directly to the game and source files, only to the general directory for Inform games and Inform source files. The player would then have to scan/search the general directory. How do I link directly to the files?

PS. I am also unable to properly setup the link to the playable version on my personal website directly.


As an example, my “” is a spanish Z Machine (Inform 6) published on this part of the archive:

if-archive > games > zcode > spanish

So, the download link is

Hope this helps.



Go to the index page on the Archive, which will be Index: if-archive/games/zcode. Find your game, hover the mouse cursor over the link, then right click. From the resulting menu, choose “Copy Link”, that will copy the link to the clipboard. If you then paste it somewhere, you’ll see that the link is


Thank you both. I guess I didn’t copy correctly when I entered the link.

The Play Online link on my author’s page will be good enough.


I tweaked the download link from IFDB to set that it’s a playable game and the file type is Zcode, which is enough to make the “Play online” button show up and work.

You do seem to have now got two entries on IFDB for the same game, though:

Merging those will probably require help from an IFDB admin.


I’ve merged the entries. Now is the primary entry, and it now includes the Play On-line button, pointing to the story file on IF Archive.


Many thanks for the help.

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