List of understood 'supporters?'

I’m working through the Welcome to Adventure lessons from Sibyl Moon Games as an intro to working with Inform before stepping more thoroughly through the manual.

I’m near the beginning, and they’re on the topic of supporters. (Tables and such.) But what I haven’t found is a list of terms that Inform 7 already understands as supporters. I can probably assume things like ‘table, chair, couch’ etc. But what about ottoman? Or chaise-lounge?

I’m sure I could just compile and find the errors but I’d love to figure out if there’s an index of understood terms for things like supporters.

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Nothing is automatically a supporter unless you allow it. So the game does not recognize ‘table’, ‘chair’, or ‘couch’.

The main thing to know is that a supporter can be ‘enterable’ or ‘not enterable’.

So if you make a chair an enterable supporter, it automatically understands ‘sit on chair’ but also ‘enter chair’ and ‘stand on chair’, all of which just put you on the chair. This action is called ‘entering’.

That usually works fine in most scenarios. If you want more fine detail, you can make your own ‘kind’ of supporter called a ‘chair’.

A chair is a kind of supporter. A chair is always enterable. Understand "chair" as a chair.

After entering a chair:
    say "You sit on [the noun].";

You can find a list of the “kinds of thing” Inform supports in the Index; it has “supporter”, but no sub-kinds by default.

However, if you tell Inform “the apple is on the table”, that lets it infer that the table should be a supporter! This sort of inference only works for containers (with “on”), supporters (with “in”), and people (for “worn by”).


And to be clear, you can still put things on an enterable supporter, so you could have a cushion on a chair and sheets and a pillow on a bed. The enterable property just means that the player can be on it too.


You can of course also express these to the compiler the other way round (and carries/is carried by also works). So after

Mr Darcy carries a shooting cane. The shotgun is carried by Mr Bingley. Elizabeth Bennet wears a lace-trimmed hat. A frock coat is worn by Mr Collins. An apple is on the table. The stool supports a pitcher of punch. The painting is supported by an easel. The gazebo contains a trestle. Some strawberries are in a fruitbowl. The gunpowder is contained by a powder horn.

the correct array of people/supporters/containers is created, and furthermore the hat and frock coat are made wearable.

EDIT: incorporates/is incorporated by/is part of implies nothing about what kind of things are involved, so after Mr Wickham's nose is part of Mr Wickham Mr Wickham and his nose are both just things unless Mr Wickham is specified or implied to be a person elsewhere in the source.