LISP Tutorial - 1996 - Andrew Plotkin

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An Interactive Tutotial
1996, by Andrew Plotkin

Just want to say that having only just found this ‘tutorial’ game on learning LISP I think this is an awesome piece of coding/work!

As someone who is learning to code games in raw Z code, compiling on ZILF, and with a wider interest in LISP languages such as Scheme and Clojure, to find a LISP tutorial that provides basic training and some level of ‘compiling’ (I don’t know whether it’s pseudo or whether this is actually a compiler running on ZIL which has itself been compiled and now running on an interpreter … which would be insane!) is fantastic.

I’m now pushing this in this coding groups and IF groups as it simultaneously introduces people to LISP, ZIL and IF!

Fantastic. Mr Plotkin if you read this, well done to you sir.



Lisp is not at heart a compiled language. Plenty of Lisp descendants do some degree of compiling, but my version is a simple interpreter.