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Thanks for your comments! [emote]:)[/emote] And for reviewing all the games too!

Thanks for beating me to this! I have to say though, this doesn’t sound like a bug that’s due to offline/online version issues, but it’s a completely game-breaking one regardless. If you could send me the console log/screenshots Linus, that would be super appreciated.


Also, it’s being taken care of.

Yes, all of that makes sense. The problem is that the bad ending is spoiling the good ending, because you get to see what is behind each of the gatekeepers. When puzzles lock off parts of the gameworld, part of the incentive for solving them is that doing so would reveal something new. The cutter cookie takes away that reward, or at least appears to.

Hm, good point. I’d argue

[spoiler]“appears to” is more the case. But appearances are extremely important. The problem is that (not really a rant but a double spoiler)

[rant]There’s not much behind the curtain, so to speak. And (in theory) you only realize that if you help certain Compound citizens out–or punk certain others.

I’m adding more stuff to examine post-comp, which you can only do with the “good” ending.[/rant]

But now it looks like I have an additional thing to fix. It seems doable, though.[/spoiler]