Links to review sites/blogs

Thought I’d create a topic for folks to submit their links (or other’s links) to IFComp review sites and blogs.

Mine is here:

(Authors, don’t read it if you’re faint of heart! And there’s tons of spoilers, so you may not want to read if you haven’t played.)

Reviews up for: A Martian Odyssey, Project Delta, Piracy 2.0


an update of “Project Delta: The Course” has been made today which fixes some interpreter bugs
and is compressed with UPX, a bug-free executable packer.

The organizers told me that I have to wait until the comp is over before uploading the update…



I don’t know if it has changed, but in prior years the version you submit by the deadline is the version judges are asked to play and rate. It’s heartbreaking to find an obscure but important bug after the competition begins (I know from experience), but it gives all participants the same chance. I would be surprised – unless it’s changed – if an updated version gets included for official download at this point…

As for links to reviews, this is as good a place as any to list them. Thanks! At some point I’ll gather them up and make a frequently-updated post to collect them all, as in prior years:


Well, this is not an attempt to violate any deadlines. It is more of a last-minute security fix to ensure that players’ computers are not infected with any virus!

It sounds like you already have, but you might want to continue strictly in private with Stephen. Authors aren’t supposed to discuss the games in a public forum – presumably, even if it’s to notify people of a security risk – and asking people not to blame you if their computer gets infected with a virus is liable to cause some negative preconceptions. So yeah – best thing is probably to let Stephen know exactly what’s going on, and let the annoucement of a new version or a security warning come directly (and officially) from the competition site.

Good luck! I know how it feels to find a serious problem in an entry after the deadline has passed.

There seems to be some confusion here. Let me explain…

The fixed version which I have made today does not differ from
the original adventure itself which I originally submitted!
It represents the following changes only:

  1. nxi.exe is compressed with UPX now, scanned and guaranteed to be virus-free!
  2. fixed a program crash which may occur in the Node-X interpreter on a certain occasion.

That’s all.

I know. And as you can see I am not discussing my game, but trying to inform people of a security issue which I have fixed today.



Emily Short did a list of links to IF Comp 2008 reviews on her blog (a few of these links were provided by Victor Gijsbers and myself in the comments). I guess we could put these links here, too:

Stephen Bond
Gemma Bristow
Nick Bronson
Riff Conner (rifflesby) (warning: reviews don’t seem to be cut-tagged)
Ben Dixon (“Another Mr Lizard”)
Victor Gijsbers
JoshuaH (a.k.a. Joshua Houk)
Aric Maddux
Michael Martin
Sarah Morayati (a.k.a. Lucea)
Peter Nepstad (here on this very forum)
Wesley Osam
Jenni Polodna (warning: reviews don’t seem to be cut-tagged)
Mike Rubin (Rubes)
George Shannon (“Newlin”)
Emily Short
Mark J. Tilford (ralphmerridew)
J. Robinson Wheeler
Wintericecrystal (YouTube video reviews!)

RGIF discussion about “Freedom”

Mike Snyder (Merk) is also writing reviews in this forum.

These blogs and forums don’t have any reviews yet, but there’ll probably be some reviews sooner or later:

Octopus Overlords forum
Dr. Froth
Carl Muckenhoupt

That one’s mine. I hope people find it useful, I just started it.

OK, I edited my message with your real name. Thank you.

Mine are at

I’ve now added cut-tags to (which turned out to be much harder than expected).

Ditto for my page as well, and ditto on the “thanks for making that easy, Google”. Thanks, Eriorg. (And you suppose right!)

I’ve been regularly editing my own message with more links to reviews. But I think they’d be more visible if they were in the first post of a sticky thread, like last year…

Good idea. If you want to keep doing the update, just start a new post and I’ll “sticky” it for you. That way, you’ll be the author and have permission to make changes to the top post.

Done. (If you want to edit my message to add other links when you find them, feel free!)

About one of the latest links I added: doing YouTube videos for interactive fiction reviews is a funny idea! Was it ever done before?

I just watched some of that, quite entertaining. I can’t recall anyone ever doing that.

There seems to be a lot more blogging going on this year than last. Makes sense all in all.