Links to Changelog Broken

It would be useful to me to learn exactly when mathematical operations were added to I7. However, at, both of the links to this information are broken. What seems to be the upper link displays this in Firefox:

[code]The Changes to Inform as an ebook

System Message: WARNING/2 (, line 9)

Title underline too short.

The Changes to Inform as an ebook[/code]
The second link, “Download Changes to Inform as an EPUB file,” produces the “Page was not found” page at

Also, it’s not at all clear where one should report flaws in the website. There doesn’t seem to be an email address for the webmaster on the Report page.

I could probably find the information on when math was added by scanning through all of the separate changelogs until I find the right one, but that would be tedious. Does anyone have this tidbit of information at their fingertips?

You can report problems with the website at the bug tracker: here. If you choose “Report Issue” there will be a category for Web Site, Examples, and Documentation or something like that.