Line Break Question

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Twine Version: version 2.3.9
Story Format: Harlowe 3.1.0

Hey everyone,

This feels like a really newbish question, but I’m having trouble managing my line breaks. If I have a passage like this…

(if: $outfit is not "suit")[The first option is a well-tailored suit.\
[[Try on suit -> Suit Chosen]]]\
(else:)[You are wearing a well-tailored suit.\
[["I'll take it" -> Finalizing Purchase]]]\
More text here...

The passage doesn’t display quite how I want it to, when the (else:) case is executed.

Here’s how it looks when the (if:) case executes:

The first option is a well-tailored suit.
Try on suit

More text here…

Here’s how it looks when the (else:) case executes:

You are wearing a well-tailored suit.
“I’ll take it”
More text here…

It’s like a line break is being shunted from one bit of the passage to another. Not sure how to handle that. Anyone have any suggestions?


warning: There should be no white space characters between the -> operator of a Markup based Link and the Target Passage Name. Including such white space causes two issues:

  1. The Auto-create Missing Passages feature of the Twine 2.x application’s Passage Editor will generate a Passage with (a) leading space(s) in its name.
  2. Macro’s like (go-to:) will not be able to find the correct passage if you reference it without that leading space character(s).
    eg. (go-to: "Finalizing Purchase") won’t work it the Passage is named " Finalizing Purchase" with a leading space (no quotes).
<!-- BAD FORMAT -->
[[Visit the library-> Library]]
<!-- GOOD FORMAT -->
[[Visit the library->Library]]

You can use a combination of Collapsing White-space markup and HTML
line-break elements
to gain more control over were line-breaks appear within generated page output.

(if: $outfit is not "suit")[
	The first option is a well-tailored suit.<br>
	[[Try on suit->Suit Chosen]]
	You are wearing a well-tailored suit.<br>
	[["I'll take it"->Finalizing Purchase]]
More text here...