Limit on # of properties, or other practical limits? (TADS3)

As my game gets larger, certain objects are getting loaded up with properties. The player character, for example, has a gazillion checks to see if he has done x or y action once, so I can give a different response if the player tries that action thereafter.

Is there any limit to this number? Should I spread the properties out to other objects?

Also, are there other limits I am likely to bump up against, such as number of .t files, etc.

(In the original ZIL we had just 16 flags we could set in the entire game. This has left me scarred for life! :smiley: )


I don’t know of any practical limits by design you would need to be aware of. As you can find in the VM documentation in Technical Manual, most indices/sizes/lookup tables are 32 bits and property IDs are 16 bits. So the limits are probably 4 billion objects, 65 thousand properties per object, 4 GB VM image size. Something like that, probably I’m not exact, but still no need to worry.

The limit should be in the tens of thousands. (Theoretically; unless there’s a bug somewhere, or you run out of memory first.)

So I wouldn’t worry about it :slight_smile:

Thanks! --Bob