License questions

Question 1: If a game is released under GPL 2 or GPL 3, is it allowed to include it, unmodified, in a software collection that is distributed for free, together with other games which have a variety of licenses?

Question 2: If a game lacks any in-game information on license, IFDB says it’s Freeware, and your attempts to contact the author for clarification/permission have failed, would you consider it okay to include it in a software collection that is distributed for free?

1: Yes
2: No


Can’t reply to many things here, but I can ensure you that someting without explicit liscense is copyrighted by default regarding court of law.

Freeware does not mean it does not have copyright. You can’t comercialice it.

If you take let’s say my free game and put it in a “Adolf Hiltler’s cute collection” by your own, you can expect a cease and desist warning before going to trial.

Can sound hard and not very friendly, but its how things work. Perhaps some owners does not matter that and will no do expensive legal movements becouse a simple discomfort, but I would recomend you to be careful and mostly respectful with other people work, no matter if free or paid.

I’m sure you already are, or you will not be asking that and just doing : )


Just two notes for this specific case:

It’s not a commercial collection in any way.

As far as I can tell, the collection is not controversial, it’s just a collection of good games. Of course, someone else may object to the topics addressed by other games in the collection (some good IF games address dark topics), and don’t want their game to be part of the same collection for that reason.

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I think as long as you’re being respectful about the games, giving credit to the authors, and the games are already available freely online, you’re on fairly safe ground putting them on a free floppy disk (pragmatically if not legally).

  1. Yes
  2. No