license for tool that quotes from Inform 7 IDE?

I was thinking of uploading this Parser Parer tool to the IF Archive. And IF Archive likes to know the license of things that are uploaded. So I am trying to figure out a license for it. It seems like some common ones are MIT and GNU GPL.

Since Parser Parer quotes actions, commands, and names of categories directly from the Inform 7 IDE, which of course is not my original work, I wasn’t sure if that would affect which license I ought to put on it, or if there’s a particular way I need to credit that. David Kinder wrote the Windows front end of the Inform IDE, and that’s under GPL, but I don’t know whether he wrote that text.

Does anyone know how I ought to go about this or, if I need to ask Graham Nelson directly, how I’d contact him?

This page seems to list some license information:

Thanks! It looks like there is a contact email there too.