Librejam — April 1st, 7 days

Librejam is a jam focused on free games (so both code and assets published under an open licence).

It starts on April 1st, the devs have 7 days to make a game.

I personally like the ethos of free software and definitely need some motivation to learn an engine (adrift?), so I think I will participate.

You can check the rules clicking on the above link, chat is on freenode.


Adrift is cool. For a standard adventure-game, you basically start up Adrift-Developer and you’re good to go. Learning curve almost non-existent, which is probably good for a 7-day jam starting in ten days.
Of course there’s a lot more depth to Adrift than just GET LAMP, it’s actually a very versatile system.
The biggest criticism going around is that Adrift has such a weak parser. Many, many times, this is because authors have cut corners when programming their game. It is very easy to cut corners in Adrift, making the game misunderstand stuff.