I have an inescapable room that can only be left once a puzzle is solved. I want the puzzle to be three Levers, which I have made as a kind of device. There is first lever, second lever and third lever all in a room called Puzzle Room. What I want is that First and Second lever must be on while third must be off. Once this happens, they flick the master switch and that locks it in. If they get it wrong, the master switch must go back to the off position and the three levers will all turn off again, restarting the puzzle.

I can’t figure out how to do it. I made Puzzle001 a scene and tried to make it so it would end when the master lever is pulled and the others are in position but I can’t get this working.

If somebody could help me I would be very grateful, and, I’m short on puzzle ideas. I don’t want to steal your puzzles but if you have any puzzles you never end up using could I have them :3
Thank you once again.

I’m not sure what you’re having trouble with, but I’ll try to give some help. This uses a scene which starts when the puzzle is completed:

A lever is a kind of device.
Instead of an actor pulling a lever (called L), try the actor switching off L.
Instead of an actor pushing a lever (called L), try the actor switching on L.

Puzzle Room is a room.
The first lever is a lever in Puzzle Room.
The second lever is a lever in Puzzle Room.
The third lever is a lever in Puzzle Room.
The master switch is a lever in Puzzle Room.

After switching off master switch:
	Say "Pulling the master lever resets all the other levers."
	Repeat with L running through the levers in Puzzle Room:
		Now L is switched off;

The first puzzle is a scene.
The first puzzle begins when master switch is switched on and first lever is switched on and second lever is switched on and third lever is switched off.

Instead of switching off master switch during first puzzle, say "It's working, don't touch it."

Thank you so much! I can’t thank you enough!