Level9.NET author info

Does anyone know how to contact Andreas Scherrer, the author of Level 9.NET? I’d like to report some issues with the L9 terp with Win7 x64.

Hi Isxek, I’m here. :slight_smile:

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I wanted to report that the Level9.NET terp was crashing on Win7 x64. Both versions (0.9.4 and 0.9.5) are unable to run after double-clicking their executable files. I initially thought it had something to do with .NET Framework v4.0, but the terp still crashes even after I uninstalled .NET v4.0.

Does it have something to do with being a 32-bit software in an x64 OS? Anything else I should look into?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the bug report.

The .NET framework shouldn’t be the problem here, as the program only uses .NET 2.0 functionality. According to Microsoft, .NET 2.0 is part of .NET 3.0 or higher.

The .NET stuff runs in a virtual machine so there shouldn’t be differences between 64-bit or 32-bit platforms. But level9.dll that holds the interpreter core is a native 32-bit DLL and I guess the problems are lying there.

Right now, I don’t have a 64-bit Windows 7 with the necessary development tools at hand. I’ll take a look at the issue as soon as I have one.

Just confirmed it’s a 32-bit vs 64-bit issue. I tried it in my 32-bit Win7 machine at work, and it opens up quickly.

But I guess you knew that already :wink:

I had a similar problem once, the other way round (32-bit native process calling .NET DLL). The solution was to mark the DLL as ‘x86’ rather than ‘any processor’ in the project settings. The same may apply here.

Many thanks for your help. David Kinder also pointed me to this.
I’ve now built a test version with the target platform set to “x86” but I still have no 64-bit Windows 7 at hand. Is anybody able and willing to do a test? :slight_smile:

I can do that later, when I get back home. Just let me know what I need to check.

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Just now :smiley: