Level 9 interpreter 5.0

A mere four years after the last release, a new version 5.0 of the Level 9 interpreter is out:

Level 9 were a prolific and successful British text adventure producer in the 1980s. This interpreter allows their games to be played on modern computers without needing an emulator.

There are new builds of the Windows, DOS and Amiga ports, as well as the new source code. The major new features are:

  • The earliest releases of Level 9 games (the ‘V1 format’) are now supported.
  • Andreas Scherrer has gone through all the games and produced solutions for them all, which has been used to verify that all games can be finished with the interpreter, and fix a few issues along the way.
  • Andreas has also reviewed all the pictures in the games, which has led to fixes in the interpreter’s graphics drawing routines.
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Sweet! Thanks to all involved!