Let's all gather in the old barn and write a Twine game!

The more people I can interest in a chain-letter-style Twine game writing project, the more fun I will have personally. And maybe everyone else will too.


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Here are the instructions, for people too lazy to who would like to know a little more before they start rifling through other people’s dropboxii:

(It appears that no projects have been started just yet. Edit: now there’s something.)

WOOT! As soon as I get my head around Dropbox (yes I know it’s incredibly simple), I’m on it! :smiley:

(waits for chorus of confusion about edit conflicts and protracted argument about version control)

This is how I was thinking it would go down, versionwise:

Beginnings of stories remain pure and unsullied in the dropbox. When someone (the second author) starts a chain, this version of the original story becomes its own entity, separate from all other chains with the same starting story. (I was thinking of using the first three authors to distinguish them, as in Fishmento (Polodna/Steele/Bukowski). Accepting better suggestions, though.) I think that maintaining a link to the build of every iteration of every story is doable, although that sounds like the kind of thing you say to give the gods a good laugh at your expense.

Also, thanks for posting the instructions! I could have done that but was too lazy busy performing heart surgery on a Nobel Prize winner in the back of a moving van.

I don’t know if everyone in the world has already seen Alias, but I just started watching it on Netflix. And if this isn’t an Alias reference, then it’s eerily similar to an Alias episode I recently watched.


(I love Alias.)

Also, though Macrame is a great title for this, I really feel that something needs to be called Pissy Little Mistakes.

Pissy Little Mistakes sounds like a Skunk Anansie song title.

It does, rather.

Pretty Little Mistakes is a paper CYOA that’s mostly interesting because it works at an entire-life scale of action (or, well, from age eighteen until death), and also because it involves a lot of drugs and sex and Prada feminism. (I wrote a review here.)

Replacing “pretty” with “pissy” is across-the-board amusing. So far I’ve got Dirty Pissy Things and Pissy Woman.

It is also good to learn that about the gorilla penises.

Pissy in pink?

I feel pissy, very pissy…

I’m pissy sure that’s all of them.

You forgot All the Pissy Horses.

Got a chain of rain rain crops to pass. The (awesome) restrictions: no punctuation, all lowercase, only monosyllabic words.

Anyone want?

Pretty Little Sausages?

Update: I’ve set up the playable builds page, and written another seed.

So if we want to participate, we either need to create a new seed or to contact you (“dropbox gatekeeper”) to be sent a .TWS file that someone else started (and possibly that someone else has already added to)? Shall I pick one from the list of playable builds like an appetizer on a menu or will we go table d’hôte style and you just provide me some version of a seed to deal with?

For a thread into its second page, a couple of particulars about how to participate are still a little vague.

Sorry if I sound a bit grouchy. Twine is easy to use and so a Twine jam need necessarily be as easy to participate in 8)