LeftRight Directions - beta of a new extension

Here’s an extension bound to make you a hit with grizzled IF players … NOT!

I call it ‘LeftRight Directions’. I extrapolated this from code in the game I’m developing. What it does is this:

“Adds a mode to your game which lets the player use left/right/forward/backward and variants as absolute direction commands to stand in for west/east/north/south. It also provides text tokens you can use to make the prose and character movements in your game compatible with both the new left-right mode and regular compass mode.”

So this is a total beta of this extension - it’s raw, doesn’t support the corner directions (nw, ne, sw, se) and you may not like some of its prose inflections, but it puts all the mechanics in place and, basically, it works. It’s ready to be refined, to have niceties injected or glommed onto it, to have grammatical work done, etc.

Since I’ve done this much, my eventual goal will be to nicen and tighten it all up, but I don’t expect to do this in a real hurry; I’d rather get back to my game.

If you see an easier way of doing stuff in the code, find bugs, like the way it says stuff, don’t like the way it says stuff, please leave your comments in this topic and eventually I’ll collect and benefit from them all. If it really excites someone, they may end up doing the honing themselves.

Hope ya dig it.

Btw, to use this extension, you’ll first need to install the ‘Default Messages’ extension by Ron Newcomb, and the ‘Plurality’ extension (this one you should have by default anyway) by Emily Short. This info is also in the extension docs, as is a demo entertainment.


Weird. The map builds easier in my head, but i still type compass when i walk. And left/right is a focus thing. When i think across multiple rooms (well, ok, “birdseye” :wink: my intuition uses absolute-left.
When i think “inside” a room i turn direction. Also i am more “in 3d” with relative. Imaging adjacent rooms is easier than with absolute, regardless of compass or absolute-left mode.
Thinking aloud: Maybe there could be a command “read map/m” with “You turn north. Left is etc”.