Lectrote problems

Here is my situation:

I have used lectrote happily before. Windows 8.1 died, and i reinstalled it. Because my internet connection is right now being extremely limited i have not downloaded i zillion gigs of windows updates.

Lectrote do not start anymore.

I click the .exe, but nothing happens, no error message. I try to do it again as admin or not but from the command line, and same thing; it do not launch, no error message. I tried 1.2.7. and also a old version i had on a external drive 1.2.1, just to see if it would make any difference, but it did not.

I guess that there is a dependency problem with something missing in my OS, but what?

I have searched the internet quite a bit for finding anyone else with the same problem but have not found anything.

While the author of Lectrote is a frequent user of this site it may be best to post an issue on the Github repository: github.com/erkyrath/lectrote/issues

The author of Lectrote doesn’t know anything about Windows, I’m afraid. I rely on Electron, which says it supports Windows 7 or later: electron.atom.io/docs/tutorial/ … platforms/

The only thing I can suggest is to try launching it from the console in case it prints an error message there.

Thank you. I was in two minds concerning where to post, and did not want to bug the author of what I at the time thought might be a very noobish problem.

Yeah, this is a electron/windows problem. There are a few other people that have had problems with stuff under electron related to windows sevice pack problems. If I find out what is causing it I will make it known.

When I mentioned the command line in my post, that was what I meant I had already tried, (and unfortunately it did not provide any error messages).

Oh, sorry for not reading carefully enough!

So i read on some electron thread on other forums that some ppl installed or emptied the contents, ddls and all from the electron zip (i got hold of electron-v1.7.5-win32-x64, for my x64 system), into the folder with the program refusing to start. But before trying this i got hold of the x32 version of Lectrote. And it just started!! After that i tried the x64 version and now that one started too!! But was it a nexus of causality between these two events or was it not? I find that not entirely convincing, but I completely lack any knowledge of the workings of Lectrote in order to understand if this has anything to do with anything.
However I have not done any other changes to my OS. So the whole thing began and ended in mystery it seems.

If anyone else will ever encounter this problem I do not want to send anyone on a wild goose chase, but I guess they might find this thread. It would have felt much more satisfying if i would have had the chance to try adding one electron-dll at the time or something like this until it would have worked or something in that vain, instead of being clueless if it is just weird MS-Windows stuff doing its ghastly unpredictable dance under the surface of things. At least I can now after a few days of pulling my hairs start reading some good IF again :slight_smile: