Lectrote: custom styles?

Hello everyone,

Is there anyway to have custom styles in Lectrote?
AFAIK Lectrote is more or less Quixe, which doesn’t use stylehints (or sounds, but I can live without that).
If I put a game with Quixe on a website, I usually use a custom glkote.css file.
There’s a way to obtain the same effect so, if someone opens my game with lectrote, he sees the colors that I want him to see (maybe unless he explicity choose to override them). Maybe a file called mygame.css to distribute along with mygame.gblorb, or something like that.
Is it possible?
(Just to clarify - as my english if often far from perfect - I’m not talking about distributing a game along with Lectrote. I just noticed that a lot of people is now using Lectrote as their 'terp of choice)

Thanks in advance


No. Lectrote assumes that the player chooses the theme, and there’s no meaningful way to combine that with a custom game style.

Ok, perfectly clear. Thanks, Zarf…