Lectrote bundling bumps

My Lectrote bundling adventures have been going pretty well so far.

I’ve used a Big Sur laptop and successfully bundled the game for Macs.

I’ve used a High Sierra desktop and successfully bundled the game for Windows.

There are a couple of things I’m curious about.

  1. When I make a bundle, an installer image is created in the dist folder, bearing the name of my game, but it’s not for the game, it’s for Lectrote in general. i.e. It’s always the 87.1 mb Lectrote installer, no matter what the file’s called. Is this what’s meant to happen? Or is it meant to be creating an installer for my game itself, along with the game app?

  2. I’ve never been able to get the sample game running.

e.g. I did a python3 makedist.py darwin-x64 --game samplegame on the vanilla samplegame files, and the terminal says it worked fine. But double-clicking the resulting app produces a window with a spinning ‘Loading’ message that it never gets past.


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That’s my fault. The samplegame/play.html file was out of date. I’ve updated that.

I may have broken that part of the makedist script at some point. I’ll have to take a look later today.

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Okay, I failed to document one step of the bundling process. You need to create a file game/resources/pack-dmg-spec.json which describes the DMG. I’ve added a example under samplegame/resources/pack-dmg-spec.json, so that demo should work correctly now.

Thanks for mentioning this.

Thanks for investigating. I’ll report back here when I’ve tested the changes.


Yep, sample game compiles and the new instructions let me set up a DMG. Thanks!

One more build question has come up - I don’t understand the significance of the ifvms, inkjs, emglken sole interpreter options. Or at least, which one supports Quixe? Or is Quixe another option? I mean I know inkjs is ink, and ifvms seems to support Z-Machine, and emglken supports multiple others.


It’s not really a useful option. Saving a few megabytes in an Electron package isn’t noticeable. You can ignore it.