Lectrote 1.4.1

This is now posted at Release Lectrote 1.4.1 · erkyrath/lectrote · GitHub .

The only interesting changes are that I’ve added Windows-ARM and Linux-ARM to the package list. (Electron supports them, so that was easy.)

There’s been some under-the-hood code cleanup (mostly in the GlkOte library) but this should be invisible.


Whatever hidden thing you have done has made Counterfeit Monkey playable running in this with screen readers on Windows. I was unable to get it to work at all before, so thanks for that.
There’s still a couple of issues, e.g help menus not being read when you arrow through them, and the window title spoken after my screen reader finishes reading new game text. These happen with all games I’ve tried

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I suspect the improved screen reader behavior is just because I switched to a more recent version of Electron.

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