Lectrote 1.3.6

I’ve posted the latest release: https://github.com/erkyrath/lectrote/releases/tag/lectrote-1.3.6

There is now a “Display Cover Art” menu option (under the View menu). If you are playing a blorb file which contains a cover art image, this will pop it up.

The app is now responsive to the OS dark/light theme. App windows like the IF Card and Preferences windows will be displayed in dark or light mode as appropriate. Game windows will still display in your chosen color theme, but there are new system themes “Dark/Light” and “Sepia/Slate” which adjust automatically based on the OS setting.

The default theme is Dark/Light, so new Lectrote users will see games use their OS theme. If you have run the app before, your theme preference will not change, so you might want to select Dark or Dark/Light if you’re a dark-theme fan.


Whoops, cover art doesn’t work for .zblorb. I will fix this soon.

Please test so that if there are any other bugs, I fix them soon too. :)

Is it possible to make an Android apk for a Inform .z5 game using Lectrote?

I’ve been trying to do so with Parchment and Phonegap with somewhat limited success, so I’m trying for other ways to do it.

BTW, as far as I know, my z5 games works fine on most interpreters, app (Lectrote included) or browser based.

Electron is an app platform for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


PhoneGap seems like it should work; I don’t know what’s up with the problems you’ve been running into.

I’m on macOS Mojave and I can’t seem to open the gblorb of Counterfeit Monkey that’s linked on the IFDB page. Lectrote just sits, spinning, on the “Loading…” message.

Do other Glulx games work?

(I have only tested this on Catalina.)

If you hit cmd-opt-I (Toggle Developer Tools), you will get a Javascript debugger. Does the “Console” tab show any errors?

EDIT-ADD: Does this game file work on Mojave with Lectrote 1.3.5?

No, it doesn’t work in 1.3.5 either. Same issue.

Here is the 1.3.6 console output:

1.3.5 can’t be the same issue, because 1.3.5 doesn’t call get_cover_pict()! That’s a new bug in 1.3.6; it affects the Z-code interpreter and Git and Glulxe. (Thanks to Dannii for pointing this out last night.) Reset the interpreter to “Quixe” to work around this.

I will release 1.3.7 tonight to fix these up.

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Thanks. If I reset the interp to Quixe then Counterfeit Monkey runs normally in 1.3.6.

Counterfeit Monkey has never worked in Git or Glulxe on Lectrote, only with Quixe. I seem to recall there was some discussion of this when Lectrote first got support for alternative interpreters, but I can’t find it at the moment.

Edit: I was probably thinking of this. Not very helpful, except to show that the problem is not new.

As per current Lectrote implementation, is there any example of a .html file used to call a .z5 file that I could use?

I’m sure I knew that at one point but I’d forgotten. Okay.

Under Lectrote-Glulxe it crashes saying “OOM” (abortOnCannotGrowMemory). Under Lectrote-Git it just doesn’t start up – no error message, which is odd, but leaves me no strings to pull.

Well, tonight’s fix won’t help with CM, but I know how to get cover art working on other games on all the interpreters.

In Lectrote 1.3.3, it is possible to get to the initial question (“Can you hear me?”) in Lectrote-Git by compiling Counterfeit Monkey without Startup Precomputation support. However, it is not possible to actually enter an answer, as pressing the enter key has no effect. In 1.3.4 and later, it won’t even start.

EDIT: Opened a Github issue.

That memory error may cease to be a problem as I’m switching to WASM.

Release 1.3.7: https://github.com/erkyrath/lectrote/releases/tag/lectrote-1.3.7