Leaving the Jolly Boat when reaching the shore (Inform 7)


I working on a story that contains a larger ship, which has a jolly boat (defined as a vehicle). When the player enters the jolly boat it is lowered into the water and the player can navigate on the open sea until he reaches the Shore (defined as a region, consisting of several rooms named Beach 1-5).

What I want to accomplish, is that the player automatically exits the boat when her reaches the region “Shore” and the jolly boat will be fixed in place from that moment on.

The Shore is a region. Beach 1, Beach 2, Beach 3, Beach 4 and Beach 5 are in The Shore.

Every turn when The Jolly Boat is in The Shore:
[The Jolly Boat is fixed in place and the player exits the Jolly Boat] .


You can use “try” to simulate the player using a command and “now” to change a property. In this case, “try exiting” would make the player leave the boat and “now the jolly boat is fixed in place” would fix the boat there.