Leaving a vehicle?

This is a game PLAY question. How are you supposed to leave a vehicle (and I assume other containers/supporters)?

Weird… I hope it’s more obvious to the average player than to me… perhaps I’ll have to create “Insteads” for all those perfectly obvious looking commands…

“Get out” works. Does anything else?

I wonder how dangerous it would be to program insteads for all those other phrases I tried, so they’ll succeed?

I would only expect GO DOOR to work only if you’ve mentioned that the plane has a door (and fully implemented that door). The others seem reasonable, though.

I don’t have a copy of Inform 7 handy to test this, but it looks to me like Inform is treating LEAVE as a synonym for GO, so it treats LEAVE PLANE as GO PLANE. I agree that this produces dumb results.

The action Inform wants is “exiting”, which does not take a noun. “Exit”, “Out”, and “Get out” all are synonyms.

I’ve always felt that the syntax for getting out of things is too finicky. This code should provide you with some good alternatives without endangering your game:

[code]Instead of getting off a container when the player is in the noun, try exiting.

Understand “exit [something]” as getting off.
Understand “leave [something]” as getting off.
Understand “get out of [something]” as getting off.[/code]
The getting off action normally only works for supporters, but this code checks to see if you’re inside the thing you’re trying to get off, and converts the action to the more container-friendly exit action.

Michael, that is super helpful. I thought it would be more difficult than that.

This helped me manage my persuadable people in the same way:

Instead of asking a person (called the exitor) to try getting off a container when the exitor is in the noun, try asking the exitor to try exiting.