Learning experience for inform?

I’m very new at any kind of IF coding and in my experience, I learn best from examples; I like to start with having the big picture in front of me, and breaking down each new piece as I come across it. I’ve been trying to read the Inform 7 manual and it’s not very helpful for me, so I was wondering if there were any resources for complete (but not compiled/ published) project files out there that someone could recommend?

There’s an IFDB tag for games which include source code: :slight_smile:



From that list I’d especially recommend Emily Short’s works, as her code is somewhat the model of how I7 should be written. (She’s the one who wrote most of the examples in the manual, too.)

My own Scroll Thief is on that list also, though I’m not sure how good of an example it is.


thanks y’all :smiley: this is really helpful