Learn to ChoiceScript with this tutorial

Does a game need objectives? (No.) Can interactive experiences be considered games? (Yes.) Does a game need to be fun? (No.) Can a game teach instead? (Yes.) Ultimately, what counts as a game? (Anything that says it is.)

All that said… this is not a game. It’s an Interactive Tutorial for writing in ChoiceScript. Go through a tutorial, or navigate directly to the command you want. Browse through different levels of utility. Turn examples on and off. See visualizations. Read protips for basic design elements, as well as how to deal with confusing Quicktest / Randomtest errors. For anyone who has really appreciated Inform7’s detailed in-game documentation, this follows a similar-ish format.

My goal for this program was to help make ChoiceScript accessible for new/aspiring writers, with a tool that also expanded out to give a more detailed view of ChoiceScript for authors already familiar with the tool. Interactive ChoiceScript Tutorial is currently in beta, and could use some extra eyes. I’m looking for people who are either good at ChoiceScript (to help me fill in the gaps) or for people who haven’t used ChoiceScript (to tell me if anything seems confusing.) Please let me know if you find any bugs, or if there’s anything you’d liked changed. Thanks!

Here’s that tutorial: http://www.maderealstories.com/games/ChoiceScriptTutorial.html

And if you’re interested, this was written in Twine, and here’s the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/og9towrhgevkel0/ChoiceScript%20Guide.tws?dl=0